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Maintenance Upgrade - PHP Phase II, Build 2 - Effective Monday, Feb 21, 2005


  • Apache
  • PHP
  • OpenSSL
  • MySQL client libraries
  • PostgreSQL client libraries
  • libXML
  • Penn State WebAccess (CoSign)


  • GD
  • XSL
  • a few configuration changes for better security and session support

Installed But Not Supported

You are free to use the following; however, please note that support will not be provided.

  • PEAR
    • You may try to install modules manually via file upload instructions on - pear executable currently unavailable.
    • We will not install PEAR modules for you at this time.
    • The base PEAR modules are installed: Archive_Tar, Console_Getopt, PEAR, XML_RPC
    • Base PEAR installation scripts require your scripts to be owned by group "access" (GID 1000) to pass safe_mode GID checking. This is the default group for Penn State Access Accounts.
    • You may need to grant the PHP server write access to your PEAR installation folder. Directions for how to grant access.

Unresolved Problems

  • PHP readdir() function possible memory leak - There is a known problem where the readdir() function causes a server process to crash under the right conditions; this may cause Web browsers to display error messages such as, "Document contains no data," or "Page cannot be displayed." -- This issue has been resolved with Phase II, Build 3.

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