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Configuration Update - index.php - Effective Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Prior to April 12, 2006, the use of index.php in the "DirectoryIndex" list, without the presence of the index.php file, caused a 404 File Not Found error for directory URL requests on most ITS/ASET hosted Web services.


ASET, a division of ITS, added a conditional setting to the automatic .php redirects to allow for index.php to be included in the "DirectoryIndex" setting. The "DirectoryIndex" Apache Web server directive is the setting that specifies which file(s) is/are to be used as the page for a directory URL, e.g. index.html. This new conditional allows for the "Options +Indexes" feature to function properly, displaying an automatically rendered list of files when the "DirectoryIndex" file(s) was/were not present. In addition, DirectoryIndex now includes index.php on all ITS/ASET hosted Web services that use the redirects. Now, index.php files will work as expected.

The use of the automatic .php redirects are described under the Resources heading of

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