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Louise Ball2021-10-27 09:37:43Am trying to find out more about Sgt Edward Craney , PA 61st regiment C company . was he at Gettysburg ?
Steve2021-10-03 11:53:56The 13th and 15th Batteries of New York Artillery have been added to the database.
Steve2021-09-18 11:44:19The rosters of the NY 1st Artillery and NY Light Artillery have been added to the database.
Steve2021-07-26 11:07:00The rosters of the 5th, 6th, 8th and 10th Regiments of New York Volunteer Cavalry have been added to the database. When output, the 10th Regiment will have a regimental listing of 1010 (a database thing). I'll try to figure out a fix for that in the future.
Steve2021-06-16 09:22:17Please check out our new online database for Andersonville Burials (which isn't finished yet) at:
Steve to Lenny2021-04-13 10:07:52Hi Lenny, there are quite a few George W. Campbells in the database among the Pennsylvanian troops, so I don't know if your George is the one from the 72nd. The 72nd were Fire Zouaves, which had a different type of uniform than the "other" Zouaves. Also, by 1863 and 1864, many of the regiments' original uniforms were in tatters and they switched to regulation uniforms in many instances. I hope this helps a bit !
Lenny2021-04-10 08:55:00Hi Steve I am doing some research for a family member the name of our relative was George W Campbell we have a photo of him dated Civil War 1863 he and his brother John Campbell lived in Pennsylvania by Philly and fought at Gettysburg. The only record I see with his exact name states his regiment was 72 company B which were Zouaves. His uniform in the photo is not a Zouave. Is it possible he was in another regiment? Thank you
Mary Veronica Sweeney2021-03-28 01:13:35Hello Steve! Nice, nice work here. I'm hoping to get info on my relative John Brennan who was with Company G., 4th Regiment, Pennsylvania Calvary. My info comes from a notice dated March 31, 1932 about his burial in St Mary's Cemetery, Hanover Township. He was a private. I searched the Company G list, and the 4th Regiment. No luck! What am I doing wrong? Thanks so much, Mary Veronica Sweeney
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Steve to Peter Geleskie2020-12-20 10:08:17Hi Peter, unfortunately I know next to nothing about charcoal artists of that time period. Have you tried local/national art museums or University art departments?
Peter Geleskie2020-12-16 12:31:33Steve, I'm looking for information on the soldiers' reunion around 1870. I have a charcoal sketch of my great grandfather in his uniform (53rd Regiment under Gen McClellan) we've been told was drawn at his company (I) reunion. This is an original charcoal sketch that I have had restored. I'm trying to find information on any of the artists who were known to be drawing at reunions like that. Do you know anything about the reunions?
Steve to Timothy2020-10-29 10:02:53Thank you for the note and information about Isaac. I have fixed and edited the information about him on my database. A while back, the National Park Service issued a directive that no new edits would be allowed on monuments at Gettysburg. Adding Isaac's name should be fairly easy since there is a space on the monument where another name was removed in his company. Since he is buried in the National Cemetery, that should be all of the proof that is needed that he was at the battle. I would contact the superintendent at Gettysburg Military Park (Steven Sims) to see if there is any way forward in this matter. Good luck !
Timothy Bennett2020-10-28 22:45:06Prvt Isaac Eaton was born in 1828 and was living in the town of Clarksville in Mercer County when he enlisted on April 23, 1861. He was a member of the ‘West Middlesex Rangers’ and they would form Company B of the 39th Regiment, 10th Pennsylvania Reserves with a date of muster of June 19, 1861. At 33 years old he was described as being 5. 10” tall of dark complexion with blue eyes and grizzly hair. For an occupation Isaac would state that he was a Lawyer in Mercer County. He would enlist with a friend Alanzo McCall who was also from West Middlesex. The 10th would be placed in line with other Reserve Regiments in the saddle between Little Round Top and Big Round Top on July 2nd, 1863. At this time Company B was selected as skirmishers and sent over the wall into the Plum Run valley toward Devils Den in order to keep the Confederate forces in check. Private Eaton took his position out in front of the main line and along with the other members of Company B commenced skirmishing with the enemy. Sometime during the evening hours Private Eaton was severely wounded and carried to the Regimental hospital located in the rear of Little Round Top. Isaac’s friend Alanzo McCall suffered a mortal wound and would not live to be taken to the hospital. After being carried to the field hospital Prvt Eaton was moved to the Regimental hospital that had been relocated further out the Taney Town Road on the J. Worley farm. The official Regimental Hospital registry book states that Prvt Isaac Eaton, Company B, 10th Pa Reserve Infantry died at the Regimental Hospital from Vulnus Sclopet (gunshot wound) on July 3rd, 1863. By November 1863 when the Soldiers National Cemetery was created in Gettysburg both Isaac Eaton and Alanzo McCall’s remains were buried in the Pennsylvania section, as the only two soldiers from the 10th who were killed in action on that great battlefield. However for some unknown reason Private Isaac Eaton’s name does not appear on the tablet of the 39th Regiment, 10th Pa Reserve Infantry. The name of his comrade, Alanzo McCall, is on the tablet with a star indicating he was Killed in Action but not Isaac Eaton’s. So as the remains of Prvt Eaton lie buried in the Gettysburg National Cemetery there is no recognition from a thankful State for his supreme sacrifice. My question is there a method that we can restore Isaac Eatons name to the Pa Monument.
Steve to Jack2020-09-30 09:21:33Hi Jack, I think I've solved part of the mystery. Your relative's name on the Bates record is listed as Frederick Higele, Company A, 112th Regiment (equal to 2nd Artillery Regiment). Other members of his regiment who died during the time frame are buried at National Cemetery, Hampton, Va. Then, I searched the Nationwide Gravesite Locator website and found: BURIED AT: SECTION E SITE 1176. Steve
Jack Millard2020-09-28 16:21:40Hi Steve- With the recent passing of my father, I was on looking at my great, great, great grandfather and found information on his Civil War service. Frederick Heggele was a German immigrant, cabinet maker who lived in Philadelphia. I found his widow's pension claim and a burial record: . I did not find him on your site. He died August 28, 1864 in Virginia. He was a private in PA Regiment A, No.2 "H. Art" which I assume means heavy artillery. I wanted to find the cemetery. I thought he died in Petersburg based on the time frame, though family lore had him mortally wounded at Gettysburg. Since I cannot find him on your site, could you help me with which cemetery he would be in VA? Thank you in advance.
Steve2020-09-20 10:53:53The roster of the 107th Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry has been added to the database.
Steve2020-08-01 11:47:10The roster of the New York 1st Cavalry Regiment has been added to the database.
Steve to Terry F. Bender2020-07-29 10:19:33Hi Terry, There is one more place you can try....the U.S. Archives. They are really helpful via email, at least a few years ago. Once they search for files, you can either visit (if the pandemic is okay at the time) or pay someone to help you to get information. I think they call them search contractors or some other odd term. I know of no other way to get relative names except the Pension Files filed by widows/children, which don't exist for many men who were killed. Good luck in your search, Steve
Terry F Bender2020-07-29 07:33:24Hi Steve, This is a great site; thank you for doing it. I am researching Perry County Pa soldiers who died during the Civil War. Is there a way to get compiled service records without spending $30/pop? I have roughly 200 men to research so that gets pricey. I use the index cards That Samuel Bates did plus, and Pa Archives, Registry of Deaths of Volunteers; but I still find many holes. Specifically was there next of kin information obtained from volunteers at enlistment? Since the same names occur repeatedly, it is difficult to know if you have the right man.Thank you
Steve to Andy Tritt2020-06-09 17:33:59Hi Andy, It is an error on his information. John mustered in on 9-4-1861 and re-enlisted on 1-12-1864 at Dechard TN. I'll fix his record and add some more info. that I found in his card file when I get the chance. Thanks for finding the error! Steve
Andy Tritt2020-06-09 11:52:08According to your site John Tritt was not mustered in until January 1864, but his name is listed on the Pennsylvania Monument as if he fought at Gettysburg. Any thoughts on the discrepancy?
trish edwards2020-05-10 01:03:55Researching a great uncle and came across muster roll payment for Jan / Feb 1865 at Camp Parole Annapolis, apparently a POW camp. Any chance there is a roster anywhere? James Sheehan PA 182 cav (21st reg) volunteers, captured at Boydton VA Oct 27 1864 not confirmed this is my Uncle as of yet. I sure am learning a ton... Nice job on this site. email in Arizona
Steve2020-03-08 11:45:09The roster of the 65th Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry has been added to the database.
Steve to Denise Pairent Diaz2020-02-28 11:41:52Hi Denise, Here are my guesses ! Michael Ferris could have been just outside Gettysburg during the battle and not included on the monument, or he was missed. Your question about regimental size is not a dumb one at all. By 1863, losses by poor sanitation, disease and battle were very heavy in most of the early regiments by July 1863. Some regiments before Gettysburg had even fewer men than the 28th. I could bore you on other reasons this occurred, but I won't here. In any case, the National Park Service is no longer editing the tablets on the Pennsylvania Monument. There are books you could try and look up that give a detailed write-up of the 28th. One of them is: Brown, Henry E. The 28th and 147th Regiments Penna. Vols. at Gettysburg (S.l.: s.n.), 1890. In short, you'll have to do the legwork to find out if Ferris was in or around Gettysburg during the battle. Good Luck, Steve
Denise Pairent Diaz2020-02-26 14:59:09Hi Steve. TIA in advance for your help ... I took a trip to Gettysburg this month with my kids. We did a 3-hour tour with a guide. She was great ... She took our info about our two relatives at Gettysburg. One (Harrison Parent) was with the 1st NJ Cavalry (Co L) who turned out to be at Sedgwick's headquarters instead of East Cavalry field like we thought. Our guide told us that our other relative, Michael Ferris (28th PA Infantry, Co I) wasn't listed at all. There must have been some confusion because he is clearly listed with that regiment and company in several online sources (ie the soldier's database and on your site). However, he is missing from the Pennsylvania monument. First I checked your database of names on the monument, which yielded a screenshot of the plaque. Then I actually went to the monument and verified that he's not listed there. So my question is ... why is he clearly listed in the rolls, but not on the monument? Was he not at Gettysburg? Or might there be an error / omission on the monument? Just curious to know if he was at Gettysburg or not. There is no notation about Michael Ferris being injured or ill in any of the listings. The roster just says that he mustered out (in 1865) four years after he enlisted (in 1861) at the end of the war. I think he was only about 19 years old at the time he enlisted in Philadelphia). The number of names on the monument for Company I compared to the number of names on the Company I roster seems kind of slim (heavy losses prior to Gettysburg?). One regimental roster says there were 4198 men total in the 28th PA. I realize there were casualties, etc, but the NPS site about the 28th's monuments at Gettysburg says there were only 290 of them at Gettysburg ... that's a big difference. Where were the rest of them? Is that a dumb question? 290 is on the slim side for a regiment, isn't it? Thanks again for your time! Denise 248-219-7991
Steve to Thomas Kelley2020-02-13 10:49:01Mr. Kelley is starting the long process of trying to honor his relative that was at Gettysburg during the battle (we think). His name does not appear on the Pennsylvania Monument, however. The National Park Service is no longer editing the tablets on the Pennsylvania Monument, but we are trying to come up with other ideas. Perhaps an Honor Tree somewhere on the battlefield or near the Visitors' Center? Good luck Trey !
Thomas Kelley2020-02-10 23:45:49Steve, Sir, I am the great-great grandson of Jonas Edinfield, of the 161st Pennsylvania Cavalry. I am a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel, and visited Gettysburg for the first time in December of 2019. I was unable to find my relative�s name on the 16th Pennsylvania Cavalry monument. I requested his service records from the National Archives. His cards show he was present in July of 1863. Is there any way to get his name added to the monument? If so, how do I go about getting that done. I currently live in Huntsville, Alabama. My email address is My phone number is xxx-xxx-xxxx. As an aside, Jonas�s great-great-great grandson is a West Point Class of 2018 alumnus and currently is a Blackhawk pilot for 3rd Squadron of the 17th Cavalry Regiment, stationed at Hunter Army Airfield, Fort Stewart, GA. Any help you can provide our family in this matter would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
Steve2019-12-27 10:34:57The roster of the 67th Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry has been added to the database. Happy New Year !
Steve to Jay 2019-12-15 11:25:56I'm updating my database over Christmas break and I'll try to add as much information about Andrew as I can. Thanks for the information.
Steve to Steve Cortez2019-12-15 11:19:51You got it...there were at least 2 battles at Deep Bottom in 1864. Deep Bottom and Malvern Hill are fairly close to each other too, which causes some confusion. It is said that batteries near or on Malvern Hill supported other Union units during the battle at Deep Bottom in 1864.
Jay Rarick2019-12-12 11:50:57Hello, I have been researching Andrew J. Coffee [Coffey] of Battery F, 3 Penna. Heavy Artillery (152nd Penna. Regiment) [ID - 286183]. It seems that he is a Virginian from Nelson County, VA. His story is rather lengthy, but shortly, he was born in Nelson County, married in 1861 and had a son. His father was an overseer on a plantation and Andrew developed an aversion to slavery. In 1862 the Confederacy instituted a draft law and the next month (May 1862) Andrew left home. In October 1862 he enlists in the 3rd PA HA and is later transferred to the 2nd US Vol. Inf. and (a month after that) to Co. F of the 4th US Vol. Inf. ["Galvanized Yankees"] with whom he is sent out to fight the Sioux in the Dakota Territory. He is discharged at Sioux City, IA at the end of his original enlistment and returns to Virginia where he raises his family and lives out his life, receiving a pension in 1886 and dying in 1911.
Steven Cortez2019-12-07 14:56:11In follow up to my previous question, I am wondering if they meant the Battle of Deep Bottom?
Steve to Steven Cortez2019-12-05 11:05:22The main battle of Malvern Hill took place on July 1, 1862. I'm not sure if there was a small battle there in 1864, but there are a few causalities listed in August 1864 in my database.
Steven Cortez2019-11-29 13:12:25 I am trying to find out how we have people listed as wounded and or killed at Malvern Hill in 1864? Were there 2 battles of Malvern Hill?
Steve to Diana2019-11-02 14:58:33Diana, It appears that Levi was not a member of the 93rd at the time of the battle of Gettysburg. His record indicates that he mustered in during 1861 and had a Surgeon's certificate muster out in 1862. He re-joined the regiment in 1864, after the battle of Gettysburg. Steve
Diana2019-10-29 19:32:50We are searching for a name on the monument at Gettysburg. It is not listed. We do have the discharge papers. Can you please advise us why it would not be listed? PVT Levi Grubb. 93rd Infantry Co E From Centre County.
Steve to Judy Musselman2019-10-16 14:23:11Hi Judy, Was the Joseph Musselman that was your relative a member of the 147th PA. ?
Anita Schlegel2019-10-15 14:43:42Hi Steve, I just used your site to search a Civil War relative! I am staff here at Penn State and my sister asked me about a relative that I had searched for at Gettysburg and found several years ago but since then had forgotten his first name. Your search narrowed it down to four possible soldiers and even though I forgot his first name, I remembered where the statue of the regiment was because we had to go way out of town to find it! She has a grandson in elementary school who is a Civil War enthusiast so I'm sure she will be going down to search the Pennsylvania Monument for his name, like I did. I know I have that trip to Gettysburg documented somewhere(I've been there many times). However, it was really awesome to get onto your site and just type in the last name and just like that, I had four names!
Judy Musselman2019-10-11 12:26:09Joseph Musselman was a blacksmith in Seidersville Pa.My great great grandfather. Hisdad wasEdwin Kindig Musselman His mother was Catherine Kile. He was in Civil war but would have been 50
Steve to Barb Hyde2019-09-25 09:42:35That problem gave me fits for a while too. So, a few years ago I edited the names like M'Michael to McMichael. I know that's incorrect for some of the soldiers, but I didn't know what else to do.
Steve to K. Mountain2019-09-25 09:40:42Please go to: and fill in the name of the peson you are searching for in the upper right hand text box.
Barb Hyde2019-09-24 06:33:35I have used your project site for years. It is invaluable. I have never been able to figure out how to search for names beginning with Mc. In the rosters, they are M’ (as in M'Michael). I can even copy one of these names from the roster, paste it in the Search for Soldier’s Last Name query box and when I submit the query, it comes back with no results. How do I find these names? Thanks Barb Hyde Painted Hills Genealogy Society
K Mountain2019-09-12 22:53:43How do I search the names on the pa monument?
Steve to Don2019-09-02 14:04:51Thanks for the information Don.
Don Ruth2019-08-01 23:26:49In your data base my Great Great Uncle Hiram Alleman is listed on some lines as Henry C., others as H.C. (He appears on at least four separate lines.) I know there are some biographical sketches that have him as Henry C. Alleman, but they are wrong. His first name was Hiram. I could cite many references for the correct name. One prominent one that you may be familiar with is Martial Deeds of Pennsylvania by Samuel P. Bates, 1875. His write up is on pp. 760-764. If you have any questions you can reach me by email at
Steve to Cathy Parraga2019-06-01 13:00:03Hi Cathy, a few of the Emergency Regiments had information written up about their enlistments, but most did not. Sorry to say, unless your relative belonged to a group (like a college or firehouse), there probably won't be any more information available about their experiences.
Cathy Parraga2019-05-27 14:25:21Hi! In the History of Luzerne county it says that my 3rd Great Grand Father enlisted in both emergency calls during the Civil war. His name was John Jones, born 1832 in Wales. With that name being so common it has been impossible for me to determine if any of the John Jones listed are my relative. Most of the documents I have seen are just indexes or lists with no details. Did they document any more details about the people that served? Thanks for your help
Steve2019-03-03 14:56:28The roster of the 77th Regiment, New York Infantry was added to the database.
Steve to Dorothy K Puhl2018-09-18 14:41:39I agree that the Simon buried at Corinth is probably not your relative. Below is an article from one of the Richmond newspapers during the war. Just a guess, but I would think Simon is buried near the prison, in one of the many cemeteries in Richmond. I'd start with Oakwood Cemetery. Good luck !! Major Robert Morris, of the 6th Pennsylvania cavalry, died suddenly at the Libby Prison hospital, on Thursday. Major Morris was a grandson of Robert Morris, of Revolutionary memory, and was twenty-six years of age. His remains were interred in Oakwood Cemetery, and were attended to the grave by the captive officers of his regiment.
Dorothy K Puhl2018-09-16 13:16:05My ancestor Simon Keller enlisted in Company E, PA 61st Regiment on 01 Aug 1861. He died in Libby Prison in 1862 (source is his mother obit 20 Sep 1900). US Veterans gravesites database reflects interment of a Simon Keller in Corinth National Cemetery, MS 20 Jul 1862. I found multiple listings of Simon Kellers in your database, so this one may not be our Simon. Any idea where prisoners of Libby were buried?
Steve2018-05-26 10:55:05The rosters of the 43rd and 145th New York Infantry Regiments have been added to the database.
Steve to Dennis Buckley2018-05-21 14:50:25Dennis, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania compiled the listing of soldiers that appeared on the Pennsylvania Memorial. Of course, now the National Park Service controls the memorial. The National Park Service will not edit the listings on the memorial any longer. I hope this helps. What was your ancestors name ?
Dennis Buckley2018-05-19 23:18:22My 3x great grandfather was in Co. G, 141st PVI, but his name is not on the regiment's tablet on the Pennsylvania monument. What was the source for the compilation of the names?
Steve2018-04-20 15:16:51The rosters of the 5th and 6th Vermont Infantry were added to the database.
Steve2018-03-29 14:33:47The rosters of the 3rd and 4th Vermont Infantry were added to the database.
Steve2018-03-09 14:06:08The roster of the 146th Regiment, New York Infantry has been added to the database.
Steve2018-02-21 09:15:37Matt Fretz and C. Wriglesworth, I'm glad you found the site helpful.
Matt Fretz2018-02-20 12:10:13Thank you! I have always wondered if we had family directly involved, and this let me find the names of those who were. Really appreciate being able to search monument as well.
Steve2018-02-08 14:19:25The roster of the 64th Regiment, New York Infantry has been added to the database.
C wriglesworth2018-02-07 13:07:51what a fantastic site a great amount of work very appreciated my great grandfather valentine bowser served twice in the army and I found another valentine listed probably from the Maryland branch of the family we settles in Lancaster county in 1733 valentines father was a volunteer in the war of 1812 and his ancestors were part of the militia which manned the forts around Harrisburg and York.
David harsh2018-01-19 16:14:31Hi , send me an email about a ring I found on the north Anna battle field , Pennsylvania vol. The initials are ; GBM , wanna try and locate who it was
Steve2018-01-03 12:42:21Happy New Year....the rosters of the 121st and 86th Regiments, New York Infantry have been added to the database.
Steve2017-10-25 08:46:39The rosters of the 1st and 2nd Vermont Infantry were added to the database. James H. Taylor's record has been updated as well.
Steve2017-10-06 16:23:33The roster of the 71st Regiment, New York Infantry has been added to the database.
JeffreyG2017-10-02 09:56:14Is there any chance I could get a copy of your SQL tables for these databases? I can send you a dropbox or Google Drive link to drop them into... Or perhaps you could open read-only access to your databases? I started feeding 111th data into a machine-learning tool to start asking it questions about desertions, etc. and then I found you already have much more data available.
Steve to Tom Greiffendorf2017-08-29 10:21:16Thanks for the information about James. I'll add that to his record the next time I update the database in a few weeks.
Tom Greiffendorf2017-08-28 12:11:30The grave of Sergeant James H. Taylor, CO.E, 105 PA is located at the Original Grand Junction Cemetery, Grand Junction, MI 49056 The grave is on the North side of the cemetery, Half way between the East and West borders of the cemetery. James was at Gettysburg and is listed on the bronze monument found there.
Steve to Virginia2017-08-22 15:13:38Hi Virginia, it's hard to tell which rank William was for sure. Perhaps you could find a regimental history of the 147th to find out if he was promoted in the field at Gettysburg. His new rank might not have been recorded for some reason.
virginia_a_j@hotmail.com2017-08-22 08:19:34Hi Steve, This site is impressive. My family always told the story that we had relatives at Gettysburg, and I was able to find them through your web site. I do have a question---your data base lists William Witherspoon, 28th Infantry Company B as a private but he is listed as a Corporal on the monument. Is there a way to confirm which is correct? Thanks, Virginia Jakub
Steve2017-08-16 15:04:57The roster of the 70th Regiment, New York Infantry Volunteers, was added to the database.
Thomas P Lavin PSU Class of 19652017-07-31 11:11:36Thanks for listing and showing the grave site for George Lincoln Cassel Jr., Gettysburg National Cemetery Annex Section 5, Row 2, Position 15. I am planning to visit that site today since he was the son of the GL Cassel Sr. for whom his father Abraham built the 1800's mansion that I currently live in at 316 E. Market St., Marietta, PA 17547. I only wish that I could have found a map with that cemetery section's markers as you had done for some other burial sites. Tedious job but great one. Regards, P.S. I used to live in Nittany (chicken coops now gone), then North Halls and lastly West Halls where I finished up my BSEE.
Steve2017-07-24 14:46:53The roster of the 1st Minnesota Infantry Regiment has been added to the database.
Diann2017-06-25 12:09:13First, I so appreciate all the effort to create a site like this. I was wondering if you could provide any additional advice on how to locate a relative who was wounded during the CW but I don't know at what battle/conflict. His name is Romanus Mangold from Independent Batty C from Pittsburgh, PA. He was a bugler and I know that he was shot in the left leg. I would like to know at what point in the war, if possible, but can't locate anything with his record. He enlisted from the start and mustered out about a month before the war ended with a brief few months off (I'm assuming to recover from the injury. Any ideas on where to search? I checked all your listings with no luck. Thank you....
Steve2017-06-13 13:48:04The roster of the 13th Infantry Regiment, Vermont Volunteers has been added to the database.
Steve to Jeremy Hafner2017-06-08 13:14:34Hi sounds like you'll have to find/hire someone who specializes in this sort of search. You may end up being disappointed with the results, as the searcher may narrow it down to a few men, but not be able to be more precise. I know someone that can do this sort of thing, so please email me at sam21 at and I'll pass you along the contact information of the person who might be able to help. Good luck !
Jeremy Hafner2017-06-07 20:17:25Hi I'm having trouble finding a soldier from my family history. All I know is he was from Cumberland County, fought for the Union, only battle I know of is Gettysburg, and died after the battle from a snake bite. I don't know his first name, but his last name is either Garland or Warner. Any hints to who he might be would be of much help, thanks.
Steve to Susan Mulholland2017-06-06 15:42:27Hi Susan. As far as I can tell, Michael was not near Gettysburg at the time of the battle and that's why he's not listed on the Pennsylvania Memorial. He enlisted in August, 1864, after Gettysburg. I hope this helps.
Susan Mulholland2017-06-06 13:51:33I went to Gettysburg Military National Park on 5/29/17. I went to look for Michael Toomey on the wall at Pennsylvania Memorial, but his name was not listed. He was a private, Company G, Regiment 201, Volunteer Infr. He was commanded by Captain, John T. Ensminger. I found Michael Toomey's copies from war archives library in Philadelphia by my first cousin Mary Agnes about 20 years ago. I searched online and found your website that got the matched name. I looked for his name on the Pennsylvania Memorial but his name was not listed. Pa Memorial regiments only listed up to 153. Can you help me to find the photo that showed Regiment #201 showed the lists of soldiers. Thank you.
Steve to Kristie2017-05-31 16:38:48I'm not sure what arch you are writing about. Can you be a bit more specific? Thanks.
Steve2017-05-31 16:37:35The roster of the 61st Infantry Regiment, New York Volunteers has been added to the database.
Kristie2017-05-04 18:22:44There is a name carved in the back arch, Fraser. Do you know who that is?
Steve to Lynne Crow2017-04-28 10:16:29Hi Lynne, please email me at sam21 @ (no spaces), and I'll try to help with your document.
Lynne Crow2017-04-26 11:53:39My paternal great grandfather was John Stulen, Jr. His name is on the Pennsylvania monument. I have his mustering out document from the Civil War. When I moved from one house to another the back was coming off so I looked and discovered that on the back of his document were all the battles he fought in plus marks on the ones where he had been injured. I am actually looking for a place to leave my original document.
Steve2017-04-19 13:14:01The roster of the 154th New York Volunteer Infantry has been added to the database. Also, notes have been added to the records of Damian Astrich, Pvt, Co. B., 27th PVM. and his brother Maurice Oestreich with the 96th PA.
Steve to John C. Lynn2017-04-13 01:35:33Just a footnote that my GGG Grandfather is listed as Damian Astrich, Pvt, Co. B., 27th PVM. The family name is actually spelled Oestreich. His brother Maurice Oestreich was with the 96th PA. ---- John, I'll add a note to their records the next time I update my database. Thanks !
John C. Lynn2017-04-08 15:48:57Just a footnote that my GGG Grandfather is listed as Damian Astrich, Pvt, Co. B., 27th PVM. The family name is actually spelled Oestreich. His brother Maurice Oestreich was with the 96th PA. My grandmother always pronounced the family name "A-strike" which probably accounts for the misspelling.
Steve2017-03-29 16:46:53The roster of the 16th Infantry Regiment, Vermont Volunteers has been added to the database.
Steve to Annmarie Martin2017-03-21 11:35:59Annmarie, it's looks like Edmund was a member of a cavalry regiment and his rank was Blacksmith. I hope this helps.
Annmarie Martin2017-03-20 18:34:25My husband's great - great grandfather Edmund P Rorke is on the monument. His rank is listed as Private yet under his complete record it is listed as Back'h. Can you tell us what Black'h stands for? Thank you.
Steve to Karin Olson2017-03-16 23:23:49Karin, your relative has a different spelling on the database for all PA soldiers. The Bates volumes (where I transcribed the data) has his last name as Miner, not Minor. I'll add a note to his record the next time I update the database and mention you. If you'd like to send me more information on Henry, I'll be glad to add a bit to his record.
Karin Olson2017-03-15 11:45:24One more thing. I've been unable to find info about my g-grandfather's parents other than what I found on census reports - both are from New Jersey. Henry B Minor, however, was born in Uniontown PA. I'm trying to find anything I can about his family. Can anyone help with that???? (I recently moved from CA and I'm now within driving distance of Uniontown. I think I need to plan a trip there to look for records.)
Karin Olson2017-03-15 11:40:52Hi Steve. I just looked at your site and did a search for "Minor" and saw only one Henry. From the info I saw, it is not my great grandfather, Henry B Minor. I have his death certificate, and I have his Civil War pension record from NARA. I've compared that info with other info from census reports so I know I have the right person. I also found my great grandfather's name on the Penn St Memorial at Gettysburg. The regiment, cavalry and company agrees with what I have so, again, I know I have the right person. I'm wondering how you get the info for your site. Is there anything I can give you to add to your site? Thank you for your time.
Steve2017-03-08 15:45:29The rosters of the 41st Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry and the 14th Infantry Regiment, Vermont Volunteers have been added to the database.
Lidia McColey 2017-02-16 14:36:52I know this is reaching but do have the time to tell me about a McColey soldier? You can reach me on facebook or thank you with very much appreciation.
Steve2017-02-02 17:37:40The rosters of the 136th, 137th, 140th and 149th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiments have been added to the database. Spelling errors in the original data have been noted.
Steve to Norman Hole2017-01-17 11:49:57Hi Norman....I couldn't find much more information on James in the Pennsylvania State Archives. Have you tried ? That site has shipping data for many ports and James might be listed there. Also, that site has other information that may help. Have you tried the U.S. Archives ? Good luck in your search.
Norman Hole2017-01-15 15:47:15Hi Steve. great site.James Mckeogh (Mckeough) shown on this site as M'keogh wounded at Gaines Mill was my gr gr grandfather's brother. I've found a number of records to evidence this. He was born in Ireland and was a coal miner in county Durham England emigrating to the US sometime between 1854 and 1859. I'm trying to find a record of his death to see if it gives any clues to his origins in Ireland. He doesn't appear on any census but I have found 2 of his children in 1870 in Pennsylvania and another who appears to be born there in 1859 who is mentioned on his pension record and who died in a home for civil war wives. Any ideas where I can search next?
Steve to Keith Moylan2017-01-09 23:36:27Hi Keith.....thanks for letting me know about the other spelling of your second great grandfather. I'll add a note to his record the next time I update the database. Have you checked the 53rd Regimental history or the PA State Archives?
Keith Moylan2017-01-06 17:11:12Steve, This is a great site. I searched for my 2nd great grandfather who was a Sgt and served with the Pa 53rd Regiment B Co. I noticed his name was misspelled as Moylin. Is there any other information you may have on him Thanks
Steve M.2016-11-14 13:39:25The roster of the 78th New York Volunteer Infantry has been added to the database. Stephen Beebe's record has been edited too.
Steve M. to Steve Beebe2016-10-11 10:23:37I'll fix the spelling the next time I update the database. Thanks for the information on Stephen Hamilton Beebe.
Steve Beebe2016-10-09 12:32:27#23497 spelling is Stephen Hamilton Beebe. Enlisted 33 PA. Infantry, 4th Regiment, Company H.. POW at Mechanicsville, discharged 10-28-1862 Surgeons Certificate. Thank You.
Alyce Barry2016-09-22 12:19:02Dear Steve Maczuga, My g-g-grandfather, John Barry, fought in the Civil War, and his 4 children grew up in a Soldier's Home in Uniontown, PA. He presumably died between June 1869 and March 1870 because his 4th child, my g-grandfather, appears in the US Census as born March 1870, son of John Barry of Ireland and Emma of Ohio. The last time I devoted time to family geneaology was in the 1980s before the computer era, and I stopped because I couldn't find any further record of John. Today I found the website and found quite a few John Barrys. I'm writing to ask if you might know of any resources that would help me figure out (a) if a veteran's children went to Uniontown, did it mean he fought in a PA regiment, and (b) if any documents have become available that would help me connect dots between one of these John Barrys in PA regiments to the man whose children went to Uniontown?
Steve2016-09-19 15:28:25The roster of the 125th Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry has been added to the database.
Steve Maczuga to Steve Painter2016-07-18 13:14:34Thank you.
Steven Painter2016-07-18 01:27:01Steve, in looking through this site for an ancestor I noticed an error in the spelling of the last name which made my search rather difficult. Specifically, if you search the name "Humnmel" you get exactly two names. One of which, John, is my 2nd great grandfather. There should be no "n" in the name. The name "Hummel" is a german word meaning, "bumblebee," and is also a common german last name, while the word/name "humnmel" doesn't exist. Comparatively, there are dozens of "Hummels" in the regiment rolls from PA. Since "m" and "n" are juxtaposed on a keyboard, I'm assuming this is a typo, especially since the name is spelled correctly on the Gettysburg monument also on this site. I would appreciate if you could correct this typo and suggest that you also do this for the second "Humnmel" (Samuel) as that is certainly also a typo. Best Regards, Steve Painter
Steve to Donna Ewald2016-06-13 15:02:08Thank you for finding a missing link. The 17th is now linked up on my page of regiments on the upper level of the Pennsylvania Monument at Gettysburg. George's name (or someone close to his spelling) does indeed appear to have been removed from the monument. Perhaps George was re-assigned to another post or ill during the battle of Gettysburg. Perhaps the NPS at Gettysburg could help you with that information.
Donna Ewald2016-06-13 12:02:08When I visited Gettysburg several years ago I went to the Pa State Monument and looked for my great-great grandfather George B Snively. He was from Franklin Co, Shady Grove, Pa, a couple of miles away. He was at Gettysburg. He was in the 17th Reg, PA Cav (162nd Volunteers), from Oct 18, 1862 to Aug 7, 1865. Upon finding the correct panel, much to my horror, I saw his name was scratched off the monument. At least I think it was his name since it was right where it would have been alphabetically. I was so happy to see your website and check my memory. However, the 17th Regiment of Cavalry does not seem to be on your website. It was also called the 2nd Pa Prov Cavalry, but I can't find that either. Is there a way to see that panel? His ID is 210021. I have his ceremonial discharge and he is listed as fighting at Gettysburg July 3, 1863. Thanks for any help!
Steve2016-06-1 15:02:08The roster of the 108th Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry has been added to the database. Spelling errors have been corrected in main database.

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