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Kristie2017-05-04 18:22:44There is a name carved in the back arch, Fraser. Do you know who that is?
Steve to Lynne Crow2017-04-28 10:16:29Hi Lynne, please email me at sam21 @ (no spaces), and I'll try to help with your document.
Lynne Crow2017-04-26 11:53:39My paternal great grandfather was John Stulen, Jr. His name is on the Pennsylvania monument. I have his mustering out document from the Civil War. When I moved from one house to another the back was coming off so I looked and discovered that on the back of his document were all the battles he fought in plus marks on the ones where he had been injured. I am actually looking for a place to leave my original document.
Steve2017-04-19 13:14:01The roster of the 154th New York Volunteer Infantry has been added to the database. Also, notes have been added to the records of Damian Astrich, Pvt, Co. B., 27th PVM. and his brother Maurice Oestreich with the 96th PA.
Steve to John C. Lynn2017-04-13 01:35:33Just a footnote that my GGG Grandfather is listed as Damian Astrich, Pvt, Co. B., 27th PVM. The family name is actually spelled Oestreich. His brother Maurice Oestreich was with the 96th PA. ---- John, I'll add a note to their records the next time I update my database. Thanks !
John C. Lynn2017-04-08 15:48:57Just a footnote that my GGG Grandfather is listed as Damian Astrich, Pvt, Co. B., 27th PVM. The family name is actually spelled Oestreich. His brother Maurice Oestreich was with the 96th PA. My grandmother always pronounced the family name "A-strike" which probably accounts for the misspelling.
Steve2017-03-29 16:46:53The roster of the 16th Infantry Regiment, Vermont Volunteers has been added to the database.
Steve to Annmarie Martin2017-03-21 11:35:59Annmarie, it's looks like Edmund was a member of a cavalry regiment and his rank was Blacksmith. I hope this helps.
Annmarie Martin2017-03-20 18:34:25My husband's great - great grandfather Edmund P Rorke is on the monument. His rank is listed as Private yet under his complete record it is listed as Back'h. Can you tell us what Black'h stands for? Thank you.
Steve to Karin Olson2017-03-16 23:23:49Karin, your relative has a different spelling on the database for all PA soldiers. The Bates volumes (where I transcribed the data) has his last name as Miner, not Minor. I'll add a note to his record the next time I update the database and mention you. If you'd like to send me more information on Henry, I'll be glad to add a bit to his record.
Karin Olson2017-03-15 11:45:24One more thing. I've been unable to find info about my g-grandfather's parents other than what I found on census reports - both are from New Jersey. Henry B Minor, however, was born in Uniontown PA. I'm trying to find anything I can about his family. Can anyone help with that???? (I recently moved from CA and I'm now within driving distance of Uniontown. I think I need to plan a trip there to look for records.)
Karin Olson2017-03-15 11:40:52Hi Steve. I just looked at your site and did a search for "Minor" and saw only one Henry. From the info I saw, it is not my great grandfather, Henry B Minor. I have his death certificate, and I have his Civil War pension record from NARA. I've compared that info with other info from census reports so I know I have the right person. I also found my great grandfather's name on the Penn St Memorial at Gettysburg. The regiment, cavalry and company agrees with what I have so, again, I know I have the right person. I'm wondering how you get the info for your site. Is there anything I can give you to add to your site? Thank you for your time.
Steve2017-03-08 15:45:29The rosters of the 41st Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry and the 14th Infantry Regiment, Vermont Volunteers have been added to the database.
Lidia McColey 2017-02-16 14:36:52I know this is reaching but do have the time to tell me about a McColey soldier? You can reach me on facebook or thank you with very much appreciation.
Steve2017-02-02 17:37:40The rosters of the 136th, 137th, 140th and 149th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiments have been added to the database. Spelling errors in the original data have been noted.
Steve to Norman Hole2017-01-17 11:49:57Hi Norman....I couldn't find much more information on James in the Pennsylvania State Archives. Have you tried ? That site has shipping data for many ports and James might be listed there. Also, that site has other information that may help. Have you tried the U.S. Archives ? Good luck in your search.
Norman Hole2017-01-15 15:47:15Hi Steve. great site.James Mckeogh (Mckeough) shown on this site as M'keogh wounded at Gaines Mill was my gr gr grandfather's brother. I've found a number of records to evidence this. He was born in Ireland and was a coal miner in county Durham England emigrating to the US sometime between 1854 and 1859. I'm trying to find a record of his death to see if it gives any clues to his origins in Ireland. He doesn't appear on any census but I have found 2 of his children in 1870 in Pennsylvania and another who appears to be born there in 1859 who is mentioned on his pension record and who died in a home for civil war wives. Any ideas where I can search next?
Steve to Keith Moylan2017-01-09 23:36:27Hi Keith.....thanks for letting me know about the other spelling of your second great grandfather. I'll add a note to his record the next time I update the database. Have you checked the 53rd Regimental history or the PA State Archives?
Keith Moylan2017-01-06 17:11:12Steve, This is a great site. I searched for my 2nd great grandfather who was a Sgt and served with the Pa 53rd Regiment B Co. I noticed his name was misspelled as Moylin. Is there any other information you may have on him Thanks
Steve M.2016-11-14 13:39:25The roster of the 78th New York Volunteer Infantry has been added to the database. Stephen Beebe's record has been edited too.
Steve M. to Steve Beebe2016-10-11 10:23:37I'll fix the spelling the next time I update the database. Thanks for the information on Stephen Hamilton Beebe.
Steve Beebe2016-10-09 12:32:27#23497 spelling is Stephen Hamilton Beebe. Enlisted 33 PA. Infantry, 4th Regiment, Company H.. POW at Mechanicsville, discharged 10-28-1862 Surgeons Certificate. Thank You.
Alyce Barry2016-09-22 12:19:02Dear Steve Maczuga, My g-g-grandfather, John Barry, fought in the Civil War, and his 4 children grew up in a Soldier's Home in Uniontown, PA. He presumably died between June 1869 and March 1870 because his 4th child, my g-grandfather, appears in the US Census as born March 1870, son of John Barry of Ireland and Emma of Ohio. The last time I devoted time to family geneaology was in the 1980s before the computer era, and I stopped because I couldn't find any further record of John. Today I found the website and found quite a few John Barrys. I'm writing to ask if you might know of any resources that would help me figure out (a) if a veteran's children went to Uniontown, did it mean he fought in a PA regiment, and (b) if any documents have become available that would help me connect dots between one of these John Barrys in PA regiments to the man whose children went to Uniontown?
Steve2016-09-19 15:28:25The roster of the 125th Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry has been added to the database.
Steve Maczuga to Steve Painter2016-07-18 13:14:34Thank you.
Steven Painter2016-07-18 01:27:01Steve, in looking through this site for an ancestor I noticed an error in the spelling of the last name which made my search rather difficult. Specifically, if you search the name "Humnmel" you get exactly two names. One of which, John, is my 2nd great grandfather. There should be no "n" in the name. The name "Hummel" is a german word meaning, "bumblebee," and is also a common german last name, while the word/name "humnmel" doesn't exist. Comparatively, there are dozens of "Hummels" in the regiment rolls from PA. Since "m" and "n" are juxtaposed on a keyboard, I'm assuming this is a typo, especially since the name is spelled correctly on the Gettysburg monument also on this site. I would appreciate if you could correct this typo and suggest that you also do this for the second "Humnmel" (Samuel) as that is certainly also a typo. Best Regards, Steve Painter
Steve to Donna Ewald2016-06-13 15:02:08Thank you for finding a missing link. The 17th is now linked up on my page of regiments on the upper level of the Pennsylvania Monument at Gettysburg. George's name (or someone close to his spelling) does indeed appear to have been removed from the monument. Perhaps George was re-assigned to another post or ill during the battle of Gettysburg. Perhaps the NPS at Gettysburg could help you with that information.
Donna Ewald2016-06-13 12:02:08When I visited Gettysburg several years ago I went to the Pa State Monument and looked for my great-great grandfather George B Snively. He was from Franklin Co, Shady Grove, Pa, a couple of miles away. He was at Gettysburg. He was in the 17th Reg, PA Cav (162nd Volunteers), from Oct 18, 1862 to Aug 7, 1865. Upon finding the correct panel, much to my horror, I saw his name was scratched off the monument. At least I think it was his name since it was right where it would have been alphabetically. I was so happy to see your website and check my memory. However, the 17th Regiment of Cavalry does not seem to be on your website. It was also called the 2nd Pa Prov Cavalry, but I can't find that either. Is there a way to see that panel? His ID is 210021. I have his ceremonial discharge and he is listed as fighting at Gettysburg July 3, 1863. Thanks for any help!
Steve2016-06-1 15:02:08The roster of the 108th Regiment, New York Volunteer Infantry has been added to the database. Spelling errors have been corrected in main database.

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