JQuery Based Inplace Editing + AutoComplete

This script modifies and extends "Dylan Verheul's" autocomplete and "Mike Tuupola's" in-place editing script. Following changes were made in
1. Inplace editor (jeditable.js) : options for autocomplete can be passed as third parameter. This will provide a input box with autocomplete options.
2. Autocomplete (autocomplete.js): It can take an input separator option to provide autocomplete only for set of characters following the last input separator such as comma or semi-colon.


Enter Countries:
Click here
Separate countries by ";" (try something like this United States; Canada; ..... )



	$('#edit').editable( 'echo.php', // POST URL to send edited content
						 { indicator : , // options for jeditable 
						   event: 'click'      // check jeditable.js for more options
					    { url: "search.php", //url form where autocomplete options will be extracted
						   minChars: 1, // check autocomplete.js for more options
						   selectOnly: 1,
						   inputSeparator:';' // a new option of inputSeparator was introduced. 

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