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Web Conference 2005

Writing PHP for ITS/ASET Web services

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PHP and the Current State of ITS Web Application Engines

Penn State Web 2005 Conference tutorial and lecture session by Jeff D'Angelo, Systems Analyst/Programmer, ITS

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  1. What this session covers
  2. Tips on how to take this course
  3. The basic "What?"s - PHP and server-side programming
  4.  Penn State ITS/ASET Web services - What do we provide? What is planned?
  5. Your first PHP script - how to invoke; from HTML to PHP
  6. The PHP language in a nutshell - general language syntax, semantics, intro to programming, references
  7. Learning about server capabilities
  8. Basic Web form
  9. The POST method
  10. Email Form
  11. Saving Data Server-Side
  12. Saving Data Client-Side
  13. Security Controls - Identity management, authentication, authorization
  14. Practical lessons

  15. Going From Here



If you have any questions, feel free to ask me.

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