Spin 1/2 Proton
3 Spin 1/2 Quarks Orbiting
Connected by Gluon Fields
Size Changing in Time

Steve Heppelmann
Research supported by
NSF Awards 0855630

Spin Physics at RHIC (STAR)

Steven Heppelmann

Professor of Physics heppel@psu.edu



Research Interest: Experimental investigation into the role of QCD in the structure of the proton.

Current Activity: Use of the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider (RHIC) at Brookhaven to Study Collisions between Polarized Protons.

Active in the STAR collaboration to study forward production in polarized proton collisions.

My interest is based on the study of quantum mechanical phenomena in a novel relativistic environment, a strongly interacting and confining environment, where all of our assumptions of how to think about quantum systems and the classical observables associated with quantum phenomena must be reexamined.