Mesutchi & Osutchi are a Japanese-exclusive line of breedable Tamagotchis. Like the Bandai Digimon toy, Mesutchi (the girl) and Osutchi (the boy) could link up via metal prongs that could be revealed by removing the top of the unit's shell. This idea was the forerunner for what would later become the Tamagotchi Connection line. Every Mesutchi unit had a corresponding Osutchi unit, and they are lined up vertically below.

Mesutchi Pink

Mesutchi Orange

Mesutchi Clear

Mesutchi T-Orange

Mesutchi Yellow

Osutchi Blue

Osutchi Green

Osutchi Smoke

Osutchi T-Green

Osutchi White

Special Editions

Mesutchi Birthday


Osutchi Birthday