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Active Grants

Archaeology Program, D. Kennett and T. Harper; 2017
Long Term Population Response to Environmental Fluctuation - $101,179.

Archaeology Program, D. Kennett, B. Culleton and J. Hoggarth; 2015
Examining the Disintegration of Maya Polities and Demographic Decline in the Central Maya Lowlands - $108,039.

Archaeometry Program, D. Kennett, B. Culleton and K. Freeman; 2014
Expanding Opportunities for High Resolution AMS 14C Research in Archaeology at Penn State - $207,879.

Archaeology Program, S. McClure, D. Kennett, and K. Freeman; 2014
Dairying, Transhumance, and Environmental Impact/Resilience: cultural and biological approaches to domestic animal management in Neolithic Dalmatia, Croatia - $279,000.

Collaborative proposal, sub-award from the University of Oregon
The Political and Security Impacts of Abrupt Climate Change on Modern Populations: An Integrated Computational Model - $221,938.

Prior Grants

Sub-award from Portland State University
Archaeological Research at Tse-whit-zen (Washington State) - $19,742.

Cyber-Enabled Discovery and Innovation (CDI-Type II), D Kennett, O. Smirnov and J. Orbell
Collaborative Proposal: The political and security impacts of abrupt climate change on modern populations: An integrated computational model - $1,500,000.

University of Oregon (Lead Institution), Kennett as PI and Project Director
Development and resilience of complex socioeconomic systems: A theoretical model and case study from the Maya Lowlands - $900,000.

EAR: Geology and Paleontology, D Kennett and P. Koch; 2004
The Paleoecology of Pinnipeds on the Pacific Rim - $147,515.

Transition to Maize Agriculture Along the Pacific Coast of Mexico - $186,354.

Archaeology Program, D. Kennett and B. Voorhies; 2000
Foraging to Farming on the Pacific Coast of Southern Mexico - $64,557.

D. Kennett, A. Mason, R. Behl, D. McAbee, J. Sample, F. Zhou, et al.; 1999
Acquisition of an Inductively Coupled Plasma-Mass Spectrometer for the College of Natural Sciences and Mathematics, California State University, Long Beach - $138,886.

Dissertation Development Grants

C. Ebert; 2015
Maya Households and the Development of Social Stratification - $29,737.

C. Jazwa; 2013
Settlement Ecology on California's Northern Channel Islands - $29,800.