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Founded in 1956, the Penn State University Ambulance Service is comprised of both students and administrators who are dedicated to making a positive contribution to the Penn State campus and its surrounding areas through round-the-clock emergency care, community outreach, and continuing education opportunities. In addition to ambulance transport services, UAS provides emergency medical staffing for special events year-round, such as THON, Nittany Lion Football, the Pennsylvania Special Olympics, and concerts at the Bryce Jordan Center -- just to name a few. Acting under the guidance and support of University Health Services, PSU*EMS represents the oldest and largest collegiate ambulance service in the country; we strive to to be "there when you need us", and we are.. Penn State!


News at-a-glance:

4/6/2017 - EMSA held their annual banquet at the Atherton Hotel on Saturday April 1. Check the awards page for the annual award recipients!

3/23/1997 - Check out our promotional video!

9/15/2016 - Information sessions for potential new student staff will be held September 28 and 29 at 6 PM in 205 Student Health Services. You must pre-register for these session using this link.

03/08/2016 - We have three positions posted for new staff to assist at football games and other events! They are: EMS Dispatcher #62257, Paramedic #62258 and EMT #43057. Please apply for these positions through the PSU Jobs site - and please list your qualifications!

To learn more about the nation's oldest student-staffed collegiate ambulance service, click here.

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