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Founded in 1956, the Penn State University Ambulance Service is comprised of both students and administrators who are dedicated to making a positive contribution to the Penn State campus and its surrounding areas through round-the-clock emergency care, community outreach, and continuing education opportunities. In addition to ambulance transport services, UAS provides emergency medical staffing for special events year-round, such as THON, Nittany Lion Football, the Pennsylvania Special Olympics, and concerts at the Bryce Jordan Center -- just to name a few. Acting under the guidance and support of University Health Services, PSU*EMS represents the oldest and largest collegiate ambulance service in the country; we strive to to be "there when you need us", and we are.. Penn State!


News at-a-glance:

04/13/2016 - EMS is looking for some customer assistance staff to drive golf carts for our mobility-challenged fans at Beaver Stadium football games. Please apply for this position through the PSU Jobs site - the job number is 62897. A clean driving record is essential!

04/12/2016 - The EMSA Annual Banquet was held Thursday April 7 at 7:00 PM. We announced the yearly award winners and the recipient of the EMS AIG Scholarship!

03/08/2016 - We have three positions posted for new staff to assist at football games and other events! They are: EMS Dispatcher #62257, Paramedic #62258 and EMT #43057. Please apply for these positions through the PSU Jobs site - and please list your qualifications!

01/16/2016 - Past and present EMS and UHS Staff gathered at Champs to wish Wes Cartwright a well-deserved retirement, and to thank him for his many years of service and mentoring.

Check the awards page for the annual award recipients!

To learn more about the nation's oldest student-staffed collegiate ambulance service, click here.

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