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UAS Officers and Supervisors

The University Ambulance Service is run by student officers who are responsible for the day-to-day operations and long-term improvement of the company and by staff supervisors/administrators who are responsible for interfacing with University Health Services staff, overseeing event scheduling and personnel issues, and generally ensuring the effective and efficient operation of the program.

Current Staff Supervisors/Administrators

To e-mail an administrator, click on his or her name. For more contact information, click here.

Company 20 Student Supervisors Emeriti

Brad Wiekrykas (2012-2014), Jake Meitzler (2011-2012), Jon Arthur (2010-2011), Brad Yingst (2009-2010), Robby Wu (2008-2009), Nina Mirachi (2007-2008), Patrick Gomella (2006-2007), Mike Tilden (2005-2006), Jeffery Ajello (2004-2005), Sheri Hale (2002-2004), Justin Arnold (2001-2002), Karen Pheasant (2000-2001), Matt Osborne (1999-2000), Gwen Lewis (1999), Jason Coopey (1998), Scott Mickalonis (1997-1998), Adam Ray (1997 and 1998/Summers), Donna Reich (1996-1997), Mark Milliron (1994-1995), John Fitzgerald (1993-1994), Karen Bachelor Peters (1992-1993), Chris D'Esposito (1992-1992), Bonnie McKee McGuire (1990), Phil Lucas (1989-1990), Bob Edwards (1988-1989), Doug Wolfberg (1987), Mike Moore (1986-1987), Randy Smith (1986), John Zeikle (1985), Derek Eve (1984-1985), Erik Whalen-Peterson (?), Dale Krach (?), Rick Flinn (?), Tom Dagney (?), Bobby Miller (1976)

If you can provide more information on previous supervisors, contact Dave Jones

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