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Elizabeth MalaraQuestions, comments or concerns that do not fall into a category listed below.spa.executivedirector@gmail.com
Nicole MillerInformation relating to past events and member recruitment.spa.operations@gmail.com
Ryan GagnonInformation pertaining to the budget.spafinance.psu@gmail.com
Mikal DaskivichCollaboration ideas/Opportunitesspaevents.psu@gmail.com
Haley IrvineEvents during weekdays - Homecoming and interviews.spa.entertainment@gmail.com
Kimmie WilliamsStudent showcase auditions and Friday Noontime Concert Series in the hub.spanoontime@gmail.com
Hamad Al AjajiRecommendations for our website or collaboration with our Radio Committee, “sparadio”.psu.spa.webmaster@gmail.com
Elise BoretzProgramming pertaining to lectures or distinguished speakers.spa.lectures@gmail.com
Jen SmithPlanning SPA socials, membership recruitment and retention.Psu.membership.spa@gmail.com
Nick MartinoEvent hospitality concerns.spahospitality.psu@gmail.com
Amy HopfSpecial event access for media personnel, announcements of events and interviews.spamarketing.psu@gmail.com
Autumn Strausbaugh Hosting and collaborating with the LateNight weekend agenda and interviews.Spa.latenight@gmail.com
Sarah DoyleScheduling venue space and the logistical work of setting up for a performance.Spalogistics.psu@gmail.com
Spa OfficeThe best time to reach us is from 10-6, Mon-Fri. Check Admin office hours to speak to specific administrator.PHONE NUMBER: (814)865-0712

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Relaxation Week

8 -12 Dec



Jana Kramer

Friday, December 12

10 PM

Alumni Hall

Free with PSU student ID!

Lenina Crowne

Friday, December 12th

12:00 PM

Noontime Lounge

Free event!

No upcoming shows.

About SPA

From small comedians to large-scale concerts, the Student Programming Association brings refreshing entertainment to the Penn State University Park campus. SPA is more than just a student-run club. It's a group of dedicated, creative individuals who each bring a unique talent to the organization.
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Join SPA

By joining SPA you'll have the opportunity to assist in the selection process of what acts and events we bring to Penn State. By volunteering, you can learn the logistics of running a full scale event and take on numerous leadership roles. If we're lucky you get to meet the acts!! Explore our 9 committees to see what best interests you. We'll have a blast. Contact our Membership chair, Jen Smith, at psu.membership.spa@gmail.com, call the SPA office at 814-865-0712, or visit the SPA office in 223 HUB.

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About SPA

Mission Statement

The Student Programming Association (SPA) exists to serve the student body by providing diverse activities, programming assistance and resources, which enhance a student's overall co-curricular experience.

Purposes of SPA

To recommend programs primarily for the benefits of undergraduates, graduates, and returning students and secondarily for others in the University community.





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Free event!

Noontime Lounge