Installing the Cisco VPN

October 2007

This guide is intended for those who use a kernel 2.6.19 or greater.
This guide is copied (without permission) from Alexander Griesser.

You have two choices:
Download the new Cisco VPN client
Download the old client from Penn state and Patch it:

Patching the old Client
1. Download the (outdated) cisco client from Penn State
2. Untar the VPN Client # tar xzf vpnclient-linux- 3. Download the patch # wget -q 4. Change to the vpnclient directory # cd vpnclient 5. Apply the patch # patch < ../vpnclient-linux-2.6.22.diff patching file frag.c patching file interceptor.c patching file IPSecDrvOS_linux.c patching file linuxcniapi.c patching file linux_os.h Now the patch has been applied and you can safely install the client #./vpn_install
1. Turn off any network connection management utility.
2. You can use this script to start the client, it allows U Park students and Abington Campus students to connect. This can be easily edited if needed.

If you still need help, you can email us, ask on the listserv, or ask in irc.