Executive Board

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The CCSG executive board oversees the functions of Central Staff to ensure overall efficiency of completion of duties.

John Shaffer
The President sits on many University committees and serves as a student representative on the Board of Trustees. The President is responsible for creating the agenda for Council weekends and for actively pursuing and advocating the discussion and involvement of the Council in all issues of concern.

Darryl Blakey
The Vice-President (VP), like the President, holds seats in various University committees and is also a voting member of the University Faculty Senate. The VP is also the chairperson for the CCSG Constitutional Review Committee.

Stacy Wanerman
Campus Chair
The campus chair is responsible with maintaining and presiding over the council of commonwealth student governments when council is in session.

Meghan Reilly
Public Relations/Press Secretary
The PR Director/Press secratary is in charge of social media used to communicate Central Staffs ideas and legislation, as well as recording the minutes of meetings in central staff and the minutes at council.

Daniel Gortman
Financial Manager
The Financial Manager serves as the treasurer of the organization. This individual must keep accurate and up-to-date financial records for CCSG.

Priscilla Ortiz
Programming Director
The Programming Director addresses individual concerns among Central Staff and serves as the liaison between the Executive Board and the rest of staff. This position also oversees the duties associated with CCSG programming, including but not limited to room reservations and event planning.

Brice Alford
Cheif of Staff
The Postion of Cheif of Staff is to communicate between Executive board and the rest of staff the responsibilities expected of staff and the administration of respective staff duties.The executive administrator also assists with the duties related to CCSG programing.

Jay Arcuri
Assistant Director for Student Affairs
The primary responsibility of the Assistant Director for Student Affairs is to oversee the Council of Commonwealth Student Governments and help to lead and direct students in their growth into leadership positions.

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