Information Sciences and Technology at Penn State University

IST Club Projects

Web Design

Webmaster: Daehee Park
Graphic designer: Joe Cimaszewski, Tyler Bartlett
Pure Spa: an external project by Daehee Park
Evaluation: PHP modules are used for content management. Plans to upgrade framework to Ruby on Rails with MySQL database support in near future.
PSU Hazleton Student Government Association
PSU Hazleton Student Government Association Evaluation: The prior site has many colorful graphics, but the design is not up-to-date. The content depends heavily on the use of iframes, which is not an efficient interface. The photos are resized with HTML, rather than physically with a graphics editor; hence, the pixels are choppy. Also, the separate flash intro page is an unnecessary hindrance as well as the falling flakes of the PSU logo.
PSU Hazleton Allies
Evaluation: The new design implements a PHP-based content management system with text files. By including content as separate modules, updating the content and design is a much simpler task.


The Gaming committee is planning Friday Night LAN parties, as well as a regional LionLAN, where gamers all over from Northeastern Pennsylvania will be invited to compete for various prizes.

PC Hardware

Eric Chen is heading the PC-Building project. The IST Club is building custom PC's for faculty and students.

Field Trips

The prospective field trip site for 2006-2007 is the Game Developers Conference in San Franciso in March 2007.


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