Information Sciences and Technology at Penn State University

The IST Club Constitution

Article I: NAME

The name of the organization shall be the Penn State Hazleton Campus Information Sciences and Technology Club.


The club's objectives shall be as follows:
  1. To promote and integrate the understanding and use of information technology within the Hazleton campus community.
  2. To provide students with exposure to emerging technologies that may not be available through formal instruction.
  3. To provide online support resources and technical support services to the campus community.


  1. The club shall be organized into two groups: executive officers and active members.
  2. Officers shall be elected by club members nominating and voting during a regular meeting not later than the second week of April.
  3. The elected term of the officers shall be one full school year.
  4. Officers shall be President, Vice-President, Treasurer, and Secretary.
    • The president shall be responsible for conducting club operations and organizing club events or productions.
    • The President shall have the power to make all decisions concerning club operations after consultation with club members and other officers.
    • The Vice-President shall be responsible for acting as President if the office is vacated during the elected term.
    • The Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining and recording all club property and funds.
    • The Secretary shall be responsible for recording and maintaining an historical record of all club activities and information related to such.
  5. The replacement of any Officers, excluding the President, will take place in the event that one of their offices is vacated during the elected term. Replacement officers shall be elected by club members voting and nominating during a special meeting.
  6. A campus faculty or staff member will be asked to be an advisor for the club.


All degree and non-degree students with zero deficiency points and a cumulative grade point average of 2.00 or higher are eligible for membership.
  1. Any student who meets the above requirements and who signs up for the club at orientation shall be considered a member.
  2. A member must attend club meetings and must be actively involved in at least one club activity.


Meetings shall be held when the President and other officers deem them to be necessary. There should be at least four meetings per semester. Special meetings may be called by the President.


Funds shall be appropriated through the Office of Student Programs and Services and through The Student Government Association. The President shall be responsible for filing a budget request form.


Amendments to the constitution shall be made through the approval of the officers and 2/3 of the membership.


Operational procedures shall be adopted by the officers and the membership. Amendments may be made in the same manner as constitutional amendments.