Information Sciences and Technology at Penn State University

IST Club Mission Statement

  • To advance the IST program at Penn State Hazleton by increasing the enrollment of highly motivated students.
  • To promote the education and integration of technology at the Hazleton campus.
  • To provide a centralized means of communication and social networking for IST majors at Penn State Hazleton.
  • You may be looking for the previous IST Club website prior to 2006 or photos of Lion LAN 5.0.

    IST Club News

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    IST Club Treasury Update

    We discovered that the IST Club has $470 carried over from past years.
    Posted on 27 Sep 2006

    Club Meeting 9/26/06

    After the initial club report by me, Ryan Halloran gave a presentation about the gaming conventions E3 and GDC. IST Club will be going on a field trip this year, and our club is currently trying to find one that has a compatible date and theme. Other considerations are IT New Generation, SchmooCon, and NOTACON.

    Also, we brainstormed for a budget proposal to the Student Government Association. The club decided that we need a network server, an 48-port network switch, and licensed network software (e.g. LAN games). We decided that it is cheaper to buy a whole new PC system, instead of trying to upgrade a salvaged desktop tower from the old IST Club.

    Server: $470
    Switch: $400
    Software: $200

    The expenses above are displayed excluding shipping costs.

    The Web Design committee currently needs funding for web hosting.
    Posted on 27 Sep 2006

    Country Club of the Poconos

    Interested living in the Poconos? You may know that Marshalls Creek, PA is experiencing unprecedented growth right now with all the New Yorkers moving in. Whatever your reason may be for moving to the Poconos, the Country Club of the Poconos is the #1 community in both the Marshalls Creek, PA and Poconos area. The Country Club of the Poconos features a renowned 18-hole golf course within its gates with excellent security and huge luxury homes.
    Posted on 23 Sep 2006

    Club Office

    We have a new club office on the ground floor of the Butler building. We are sharing a cubicle with the Rotaract Club. Enter the student club office by swiping your ID card. I sent a list of members over to Dr. Hilton of Student Affairs. If yours is not working, contact me and I will get you entered into the system.

    In the storage area, we found equipment from past years. The old IST Club guys left two "cannibalized" desktop towers, two monitors, several rolls of industrial CAT5 twisted-pair cable, and a box full of short ethernet cables.

    We are trying to restore the two PC's. If anyone wants to help, stop by the office.
    Posted on 22 Sep 2006

    Club update 9/21

    (Members should have received this in their ANGEL mail)

    Here are some recent updates since the first meeting:

    - The new club website is under construction. Check on it periodically at Anyone who wants to contribute to the project, or learn more about web design can attend our separate web design meetings. Today (Thursday) the web design team is meeting in Graham Lobby at Noon.

    - The officers will create and upload powerpoint files for each club meeting, so anyone who cannot make it can keep up with what's going on. Check it on our ANGEL group.

    - Create flyers on Word and upload them to the ANGEL group. There is a dropbox. Others can download and print the flyers. Post them around campus.

    - Every member should create a post on "Roll Call." Please introduce yourselves to the other members with a brief profile. It can be in any format; you can even list your name, hobbies, etc.

    - At the next meeting, we will get into our individual committees and work on the respective projects.
    Posted on 21 Sep 2006

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