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Proposal Due Dates: 
Meeting Dates:
Wednesday 01/30/2008
Friday 01/25/2008
Wednesday 02/27/2008
Friday 02/22/2008
Wednesday 03/26/2008
Friday 03/21/2008
Wednesday 04/30/2008
Friday 04/18/2008
Proposals are Due By 5pm

The Student Activity Fee Committee (SAF) is a student committee that allocates funds to student organizations to enhance the out of class experience and/or improve the educational climate at Penn State. SAF provides funding for programs, travel to conferences, media publications/printing, equipment purchases, and other educational experiences. Please note that any student organization at Penn State Abington can request funds from the committee however, what is proposed must be open/available to all students not just to the student organization. Any questions or concerns should be directed to the committee co-chairs.

Committee Co-Chairs

Lauren Lubarsky
SGA President

Gale Siegel
Director of Student Affairs

Committee Student Members:

Jacklin Rhoads
Kenneth Alman
Marlene Foley
Ashley Stegonshek
Joshua Fishman
John Madara

Committee Faculty Members:

Chris Walters

Ron Zigler

Form below is for club use only, thank you.

SAF - Request Form (Please email the completed form as an attachement to mcd9@psu.edu with the subject "SAF Proposal")

Any questions? Contact Gale Siegel, Director of Student Affairs, at gxs1@psu.edu or Lauren Lubarsky, Student Government President, at ldl5012@psu.edu.