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Andrew Stephenson

313 Meuller
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Lab News

Biology undergraduate research award to Chris Balogh

Chris Balogh received biology undergrad research award.

Ph.D. student Rupesh Kariyat is awarded the Eva J. Pell Graduate Scholarship in Plant Biology.
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Fellowship Awarded to Heather Simmons

Graduate student Heather Simmons was selected for the Mohnkern Fellowship.


Lab Affiliations

PSU Department of Biology

Eberly College of Science

Center for Infectious Disease Dynamics

Center for Chemical Ecology



Welcome to the Stephenson Lab website. We are biologists who work at the intersection of plant reproductive biology, disease ecology, plant-insect-pathogen interactions, and chemical ecology.

Undergraduate student Chris Balogh

Research in our lab focuses on the role of inbreeding and genetic variation on herbivory and the establishment and transmission of plant diseases. This research has three inter-related themes:

  • Interrelationships among inbreeding, herbivory, and the transmission of bacterial and viral diseases vectored by the herbivores
  • Production of volatile organic compounds that signal herbivores (pathogen vectors)
  • Impact of the escape of viral resistance (VR) transgenes from agricultural crops to wild populations

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